You’re Never Too Old!

sun-309821_640Guest Blogger: Rachel Morota

Newsflash: Older learners going back to school online who receive educational technology training can be just as successful as, and even surpass, younger students.

A recent study published in the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching by a team of University of Kansas researchers examined the academic performance and instructional support needs of late-career adults (ages 50 to 65) in an online course compared to that of early-career students (ages 21 to 35) and mid-career students (ages 36 to 49). While the research showed that late-career adults tend to prefer traditional, face-to-face instruction, some are quickly adapting to online instruction.

The study revealed that late-career adults actually find online instruction more rewarding than their younger counterparts in spite of the initial differences in technical skills. Although older adult students may start off less confident and need more technological support and digital instruction when they take online classes, they flourish upon receiving technical assistance and can even outperform younger students.

Check out the study here!

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