Student Testimonials about NCSS Mentored Academic Communities:

“The program was very helpful. Not only was it additional support, but also helped me keep myself on track. Knowing that things were due and talking about them turned them into not just due dates on my calendar, but rather fast approaching deadlines that needed my attention.”

- Alexandra Monge, NCSS Student Success MAC, Georgetown University, Spring 2013

“I want the support of the ‘village’. It is important to me to interact with students to ensure that I stay on the right track. I enjoyed posting each day. I can see the goals that I set for myself are realistic and I try to not go off on the deep end. The NCSS allowed me to see the goals that I wrote for myself and to know if they were achievable within the time frame I set. I looked forward to your comments. I am a people person and I believe that I need people to survive.”

-Nadirah Aasim, NCSS Student Success MAC, Spring 2014

“Our mentor gave us resources and practical writing suggestions…It was such a treat to have her time and her lessons learned that I wish we could have more time with her.”

- Anonymous, Non-Traditional Undergraduate Student, Fall 2013

“I very much appreciated our mentor’s explanation of effective strategies for dealing with assignments. The presentation effectively integrated useful handouts (which I will definitely keep and consult) with the material that was being discussed and presented via PowerPoint. I believe that it is vital for students to have an effective “gameplan” and the presentation provided just that.”

- Anonymous, Non-Traditional Undergraduate Student, Fall 2013

“The daily check-ins, help from my mentor, and motivation coming from other students made studying on a regular basis much more doable this semester. I love my MAC!”

- Anonymous, Non-Traditional Undergraduate Student, Fall 2013