Could you please write that down?

Guest Blogger: Rachel Morota


Ever composed a shopping list in your mind only to arrive at the grocery store and realize you have no clue what you needed to buy? Or had a great idea and remembered its lingering brilliance, but not the actual thought?

We all have those moments. What people don’t realize is how easily it can be resolved – all it takes is writing things down.

Putting pen to paper unclutters our minds, streamlines our memory, and gives us a record of our past. If you think writing things down can be cumbersome, here are just a couple of reasons why you should start taking down your thoughts:

It enhances your memory

The very act of writing things down helps you store your thoughts in your long-term memory. You’ll find it easier to recall what was said in class without having to go back through lecture captures or even glancing at your notes. You can augment your memory by writing out your to-do list every morning, jotting down your ideas as they come to you, and memorizing content by writing it down multiple times.

It keeps you committed

Although people like to hear the words “I love you,” they treasure love letters dearly. Similarly, it’s harder to back out of a written contract than a handshake. Here’s the reason why: writing things down shows that you’re serious about them. Map out your goals; laying out where you want to go on paper makes it easier to organize your thoughts and makes you more intent on achieving them.

It helps you process your emotions

There are some things that you want to share with others, but aren’t quite sure with whom. Putting it on paper is a great way of working through a conflict or a particular situation by yourself. It opens the window to your mind; it boosts your self-awareness and ability to self-reflect. 

It creates a record of the past.

Prevent your past experiences from walking down the forgotten road by keeping a journal. Surely Future-You will find it fascinating to flip through and savor past memories, which will also heighten your awareness of how you have developed. Looking at how you dealt with difficulties in the past can also give you more confidence moving forward.

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